We References, IDE's, PHP Extras, Research Materials etc.

Example 1 - Print Hello World: hello y'all

Need help with other front-end code, jQuery, Bootstrap, JS? We are diligently working behind the scenes to bring our learning platform to the masses. Scripting and/or Object-Oriented languages and more! Check out the main topics contained in this website.



We attempt to share updates as we build, place code into production and maintain the code moving forward. We are currently in the build phase. So, bare with us, we are put'n this thing together, placing it in the 'water' and pushing it out into the abyss. Sink or swim, comes to mind.

* Approximate Times, We will get better at specific dates, times and updates once we get there. This message would change ideally, as we get there.
Date Update Notes
6/8/2022 Working on Logicals today, also a clean up effort here in the digital 'workshop'. We will maintain a clean workhop as we move forward... adding full form action pages, navigation variables by page. Need to clean up the logo/Nav bar brand as the text is still not working. Also, while we are here in the reference section, we've spun up a quick table for our own updates, versions, dates and on going changes. HTML, Bootstrap 5, PHP, Forms
6/5/2022 We've got a shell of a website up, all HTML, running locally on MAMP. Got most of the Fundamentals page content complete, a main nav, secondary nav and tertairy nav set. The structure of the home page, sections defined and subsequent pages as one would learn PHP. We include PHP as we cut up sections, creating 2 or 3 'template' pages inwhich the site will build as we move forward. We've also placed a few low fi forms to capture inputs for testing. A color pallate is coming together, we will just use the main Bootstrap colors until we define the design. No DB just yet, that will come at some point in the future, but not now. HTML, Bootstrap 5, PHP, Forms